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Podcast Ep. 86 Lyndi Cohen - Your weight is not the problem

book business lifestyle podcast Jan 31, 2023
Lyndi Cohen, whith long brown hair, holding up a spoon of food up to her mouth as she smiles at the camera

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Does what you weigh get you down or worse, stop you from enjoying your life? While the diet industry worldwide makes billions, it’s the perpetual dieters, those of us shamed into achieving the ‘acceptable’ body image, that suffer. So, if your weight feels like a struggle, you’ve tried diet after diet and you’re ready to stop the struggle then tune into this episode, I promise you’ll be grateful you did.

Today’s guest, Lyndi Cohen also known as the Nude Nutritionist is a best-selling author, host of the No Wellness Wankery podcast, creator of the Back to Basics non-diet lifestyle app and new mum. Lyndi’s unique and often irreverent approach to dieting and her no-shame approach to healthy living and eating, has put her at the fore-front of the anti-diet movement. 

In this episode, we talk about why your weight is absolutely not the problem, how to let go of the body shame, but more importantly how to live a healthy, balanced life you love without the dreaded ‘D’ word in sight.

Connect with Lyndi on Instagram or visit her link in bio for lots of good stuff here.

Lyndi’s new book Your Weight Is Not the Problem is a simple, no-diet guide for healthy habits that (actually) stick. You can order at


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