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Podcast Ep. 88 Justine McLean - Why I decided to sell part of my business - the benefits of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur

business business strategy business tips podcast Feb 14, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink jacket and white shirt, smiling at the camera, on a pale pink background.

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At the end of January 2023, I sold part of my business. Yes, you heard right, part of my business. As a deliberate multi-passionate business owner I made it possible through years of deliberate strategy, setup and systems and processes. 

And while some business experts will tell you that having too many fingers in too many business pies is a no-no, for me, it’s worked. Now as we roll into 2023, I can focus on a passion project I’ve been working on in the background for far too long. 

Want to know how I sold part of my business and still continue to make money? Tune in to today’s episode where I share all the details.


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