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Podcast Ep. 94 Justine McLean - Starting over in business - is it time to reinvent yourself?

business mindset podcast Mar 28, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair tied behind, wearing glasses, a dark pink shirt, and a black jacket, smiling, with arms open wide, on a pale blue background

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If you’re a business owner then I’m in no doubt that at some point in the process you’ve thought about reinventing your business, starting over or walking away forever.

Whether it’s out of necessity because you’ve missed the mark with your product or service, because you want to change things up or finally step into your soul purpose, there’s lots of reasons why you might reach that watershed moment in your business when it’s time to reinvent yourself. So, in today’s podcast, I thought I’d run through the practical things to keep in mind before you embark on the business start-over journey.


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