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Podcast Ep. 98 Justine McLean - Let’s talk success! What does success mean to you?

business podcast Apr 25, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink jacket and white shirt, smiling at the camera, on a pale pink background.

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If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you’ll know I’m passionate about a couple of things when it comes to business – one, increasing financial literacy for women in business, particularly around pricing, and two, helping ALL of the women I work with set up their business so they strive to achieve their unique definition of success – whatever that means in the season of life they find themselves in.

So, in today’s episode, I wanted to chat about success, what it means to you and how deciding on your unique definition of success is vital to your happiness and your business growth.

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