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Starting a Small Business Checklist

business Jun 15, 2021
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For most would-be entrepreneurs, when a business idea comes along, by the end of week one they've decided on a business name, website design, what their social platforms will look like, and of course what they are selling. Why not, it's fun! All too often, that's when overwhelm sets in and things don't progress much further.

To help avoid the overwhelm, get started with our starting your business checklist. Download it and tick off the items as you go; or click on the links to take you to the related story

Before you start, ask yourself these tough questions! 

Create your business plan and define your unique selling point.

Register your business name and apply for an ABN. 

Decide on your business structure.

Apply for an ACN, register for taxes and an AUSkey if required.

Register your domain name.

Decide on your social accounts.

Register trade-marks if this is applicable.

Refine your brand and design your logo.

Design your website.

Refine your company vision and mission statements.

Register for licenses or permits if required.

Set up record keeping and accounting system.

Open a business bank account.

Create a comprehensive financial plan? What will it cost to start my business?

Create a comprehensive marketing plan?

Do you need a business mentor?

Other things to consider: 


Finances. Do you need investors, bank finance or will you bootstrap?

Business Insurance.

Are there any laws or regulations that impact your business?

Work Health & Safety requirements

Do you need premises for your business? Ask an expert to check leases and legals.

Your fit-out – if you have a brick and mortar store.

Working from a home office? Do you need a computer, software, office equipment, business cards etc?

Will you need staff or contractors – when is the best time to start hiring?

Suppliers, stock, or service providers.

Your elevator pitch.

A timeline for your launch.


For a more comprehensive starting your business checklist and loads of helpful tips check out this Australian Government resource.

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